Meet the Team.

iWill Enterprise, Inc.: Growth & Values to Match

iWill Enterprise, Inc. is a veteran owned and operated marketing firm just outside Greenville SC now expanding to Louisville Kentucky. Despite being new to the area, iWill Enterprise is taking the the city by storm as recently released projections depict remarkable end of the year estimates of 1 quarter of a million dollars in sales, leading to unprecedented expansion.

As Director of Operations, Will Smith leads the company to new heights by promoting honor, courage and commitment to an ever growing client base. iWill Enterprises’ core values revolutionizes the concept of face to face interaction with clients.

The promotions based marketing and sales firm is not Smith’s first business venture. “Throughout my previous businesses, I have always provided an opportunity for others to become the best version of themselves and to see personal and professional growth. Upon opening iWill Enterprise, Inc., I was finally able to make those dreams come to fruition on a much grander scale,” says Smith.

Empowering youth and entrepreneurs by encouraging brighter and better tomorrows’ is part of iWill Enterprises motto. The company’s unique structure allows them to provide a training program in which individuals from any background, who are willing and determined to learn brand awareness, sale strategies along with business and leadership practices can be successful.

“The diversity of this business is truly unique. We have seen incredible success come from individuals with bachelor’s degrees in business administration to candidates with no business experience under their belts,” explains Smith. “We are able to customize our training directly to the individual who will be representing our Fortune 100 companies. It has truly revolutionized the way we expand our client’s national footprint.” Smith and the iWill Enterprise, Inc. team gear up for their busiest time of year.

As their expansion and production goals begin to align, the need for motivated, energetic entrepreneurs mounts. For more information about the company’s expansion goals, team atmosphere and career opportunities, please visit