Meet Our COO

Behind every successful business is a successful woman. For us here at iWill Enterprises it is our Chief Operating Officer Bruktawit Shetta. iWill has seen tremendous growth this year and we couldn’t have come as far as we have if it wasn’t for the behind the scenes work of Bruktawit. 

Bruktawit, who also likes to go by Brooke, is originally from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Growing up in Addis Adeba some of the things Brooke really liked to do for fun was play music and sing at her local church. Brooke attended Law School in Ethiopia and later came to America in 2012 to attend Business School. She attended Concordia College in Alabama where she majored in Business Administration and Management. After Brooke graduated, she moved to San Diego, California to start looking for an opportunity where she could grow. Brooke started entry level within this organization in August of 2016 in San Diego, California. Brooke’s hard work and enthusiasm was quickly realized, and she got an opportunity to be a part of an expansion team with her supervisor at that time to Wisconsin. While in Wisconsin she had the opportunity to go on multiple Road trips and visit many different offices across the nation where she gained valuable knowledge. In August of 2017 Brooke’s hard work was finally rewarded and she was promoted to manager and opened her own office in Wisconsin. 

Brookes resilience and determination helped her every step of the way on the Road to management. She is grateful for the opportunity this business has given her. “One of my favorite moments since being in this business was in October of 2019, I was able to be financially stable and help my mom and dad come to America for a vacation to spend quality time with them,” said Brooke. 

The company has since expanded to Louisville, Kentucky and Brooke says she is excited to see growth and help as many people as she can. Brooke said “we want to add value in every area we are involved in. When it comes to the city, we want to bring diversity and a positive environment for the entrepreneurs to be able to grow and help their community as well. We also want to add value to our retailers by giving our members the best in- class member experience we can offer. For our clients we want to be the best representation they have and generate revenue and promote growth for them.” Brooke’s goals for 2020 is to see the company succeed in different aspects while helping the city of Louisville and being more involved in community service to help shape the future generation. She also wants to continue leading the way for our clients by being consistent with getting to the top 20% in the nation in sales. Brooke says that being in this business has shaped her into the strong- minded person that she is today and that she is very grateful for this opportunity and for her business partner and mentor Will Smith. She will continue to work hard as the company continues to get bigger and better!


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