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iWill Enterprise Motto

"I will take on a business venture that involves calculated risk and opportunity."

The Steps

As Brand Ambassadors, iWill Enterprise employees begin learning the steps to executing and maintaining a successful marketing strategy for our clients from within our Fortune 500 retail partners. Brand Ambassadors act as the face of our clients’ brands, helping to expand product knowledge and specializing in customer acquisition. As a representation of our clients’ brands, products, and services, iWill Enterprise's Brand Ambassadors specialize in customer care and support. Once an Brand Ambassador has mastered these skills, he or she may begin to help manage their own campaigns and marketing strategies.
iWill Enterprise Corporate Trainers have proven their ability to effectively run marketing campaigns independently. As top performers in the organization, an Corporate Trainer will not only be responsible for managing multiple locations throughout the greater Greenville area, but will also act as a mentor in charge of overseeing new employees through our award-winning management training program. Corporate Trainers at iWill Enterprise take on more of a leadership role within the office while continuing to build rapport with our Fortune 500 clients.
An Assistant Manager’s role in the company shifts to the behind the scenes operations of the business. Assistant Managers will be trained on daily protocol, payroll, budgeting, financing, and interviewing future employees, etc. Most importantly, an Assistant Manager will help with the expansion goals of the business. With internationally recognized clientele, iWill Enterprise plans to expand into multiple locations this year.
Branch Managers have the most important role in the company. As top leaders, a Branch Manager's primary responsibilities include the in-house management training program and maintaining an overall environment of professionalism and proactivity within our office. Branch Managers maintain the high standards and expectations of our Fortune 500 clients by planning expansion with Assistant Managers, they continue to build teams which can execute our successful marketing campaigns, and they also oversee the daily operations behind the scenes at iWill Enterprise. With every Branch Manager starting from entry level, we are able to continually deliver the exceptional results because every Branch Manager essentially understands every facet of our business from the bottom up.

Our Blog.

The Man Behind The Success At iWill Enterprise, Inc.

iWill Enterprise Inc. is comprised of a team ready to succeed and take on any new challenge that is thrown their way. The main reason for this? The CEO behind iWill Enterprise, William Smith.

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Meet Our COO

Behind every successful business is a successful woman. For us here at iWill Enterprises it is our Chief Operating Officer Bruktawit Shetta.

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IWill Enterprise Inc “Spings” Into Pennsylvania

As the season turns to spring, new opportunities have “sprung” for this fast-growing marketing firm

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IWill Enterprise Inc Attends Leadership Conference

IWill Enterprise Inc wrapped up the first quarter with an exciting trip to their Leadership Conference in Chicago, Illinois!

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Don Withers Leads by Example

As a rapidly growing company, iWill Enterprise inc attracts a large number of entrepreneurial- minded, professionals who see themselves as future leaders in business.

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Meet Kamrin Boone

iWill Enterprise Inc would not be the company we are today without our amazing employees. Everyone at every level contributes to the success of our organization.

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Jumping Into 2022

As we jump into the new year with excitement and weary optimism, the iWill Enterprise inc team wanted to reflect on the previous year and all it taught them.

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iWill Enterprise Inc Gives back for the Holidays

iWill Enterprise Inc, a Louisville-based marketing firm is focused on giving back to the community.

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iWill Enterprise Inc Continues to Explore the Nation

IWill Enterprise Inc has been steadily traveling across the nation to visit other organizations in their industry.

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Meet Yanier Moore

As iWill Enterprise inc raps up the end of a great year, they wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of their employees who have gone above and beyond in their work ethic.

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iWill Enterprise Takes a Trip to New Jersey

With the 2021 year drawing to a close, iWill Enterprise Inc is ramping up new beginnings.

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Employee Highlight: Keddron White

iWill Enterprise inc has made its mark in the Louisville area by operating as a company that places as much emphasis on its employees as it does its clients.

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Supporting our community during COVID-19

Amidst global concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we wanted to remind everyone in our office and our surrounding communities that it is still important to remain safe and sound.

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Meet the Team: Kalyn Tubesing

iWill Enterprise Inc is known for representing clients in home entertainment, mobility, smart home and electronics.

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Meet Ivette Lopez

iWill Enterprise Inc would not be the well oiled machine that it is without the help from every single employee.

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Employee Highlight: Logan Hankamer

As the summer comes to an end, new opportunities have sprung up for IWill Enterprise Inc.

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IWill Enterprise Inc Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

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Meet Olivia McElvaney

iWill Enterprise Inc loves to shine a light on their employees who are leading by example. Everyone is a family, and they pride themselves on creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

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iWill Enterprise Inc is Building Community with Their Team Nights

iWill Enterprise Inc loves to put on a team night for their employees at least once a week. It is an opportunity to get together outside of the office and just enjoy each other's company.

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We Have Moved!

iWill Enterprise Inc decided to wrap up the first quarter with a brand-new office! Throughout the year iWill Enterprise has gone through many changes and after months of preparation they have finally moved into their new office.

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New Marketing Strategies During Covid

iWill Enterprise Inc is known for representing clients in Electronics, Technology, Home Entertainment, Telecommunications, and Mobility. During these unprecedented times the organization has remained devoted to providing top-quality marketing services to their clients across the nation.

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Diversity In the Workplace

As iWill Enterprise prepares for the New Year, they took some time to look back on all the things they are grateful for. One of those things was the opportunity to be a diverse work environment.

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iWill Enterprise Jet Sets to Iowa

As iWill Enterprise Inc wraps up the year they have their eyes set on new beginnings for the new year. They have been recognized as one of the fastest growing brands amongst marketing and promotional advertising firms in the Louisville area.

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On the Road to Atlanta

Earlier in September, a group from iWill Enterprise Inc was selected to attend a special training at their sister office in Atlanta.

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iWill Enterprise Partners with New Client!

iWill Enterprise Inc excited to announce that they have a acquired a new Fortune 10 company as a client.

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How Covid-19 is Changing to Way We Operate

This year has been a crazy one to say the least. The world is going through a pandemic, and for the majority of us, this is the first one we have ever experienced.

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iWill Enterprise Attends their Regional Business Summit

2020 has so far been a great year for iWill Enterprise Inc, and the projections are even better for the rest of the quarter.

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iWill Enterprise Hosts Their Team Night at the Bowling Alley

We here at iWill Enterprise inc like to make sure we spend a good amount of time building our team because we understand that a strong team makes a strong company!

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iWill Enterprise inc is Ringing in The New Year With 2020 Vision On Their Goals

iWill Enterprise inc wrapped up 2019 with two new branches under their belt with more expansion on the way.

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